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Learning & Develomental
During the course of their development children may experience a range of difficulties in their learning and behaviour.  Outlined below are brief descriptions of some of the most common areas of concern.  Comments are also made on why the involvement of a psychologist may be relevant and helpful.
What is Dyslexia?
  • This is evident when accurate and fluent word reading and/or spelling develops very incompletely or with great difficulty.
  • A psychological assessment is the best way of determining whether this is present.  This assessment would help to determine what supports and concessions (e.g. extra time in exams, scribe) might be appropriate.
What are Developmental Delay & Learning Difficulties?
  • This is when a child's learning is significantly behind that of their peers.
  • It is usually relevant to assess the degree of difficulties and possible contributory factors with a view to considering how learning may be improved or supported.
What is Language Impairment?
  • While specific language impairments are diverse, usually children experience such a difficulty despite the fact that their development appears to be essentially normal in other respects.
  • Formal intellectual assessment is relevant in verifying this profile and drawing up interventions.  This usually would occur in collaboration with a speech and language therapist.
What is Autism?
  • Children who have autism have difficulties in three main areas: social interaction, all aspects of communication (verbal & non-verbal); and flexibility of thought and imagination.
  • Assessment is important not only in clarifying these characteristic features but also in identifying learning potential.
What is Asperger syndrome?
  • This generally is regarded as a form of autism with difficulties in the same three areas as autism.  In general, children with Asperger syndrome have intellectual development in the average range and do not have early language delay.
  • Assessment is important in planning educational and social interventions.
What is Dyspraxia?
  • This is a disorder in which the child has problems with the smooth programming of motor movements.
  • Such children usually require assessment by a paediatrician, an educational psychologist, an occupational therapist and a speech and language therapist in order to evolve an appropriate plan for intervention.
What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.)?
  • Children with such difficulties usually have the following features: inattention; excessive activity; and impulsivity.
  • Assessment by a range of professionals is desirable.  As there are often other problems such as learning difficulties, assessment by an educational psychologist is important. 
What is Giftedness?
  • This occurs in children with outstanding talent to perform, or the potential to perform, at remarkably high levels when compared with others of their age and experience or environment.
  • Assessment by a psychologist would be necessary to verify such a profile and recommend appropriate intervention.
Can my child get an Early Placement Request?
  • An early placement request is when a parent wishes to place their child in statutory education before the child has reached the official school entry age.
  • Assessment is required as there is a need to present evidence of the child's intellectual, social and emotional readiness to cope with formal education in a classroom setting.
What are Emotional/Behavioural Difficulties?
  • If children are reacting to changes or different events in their life they may show behavioural symptoms.  Such  behaviours might include difficulties such as becoming withdrawn, eating difficulties, showing bad behaviour or acting out.
  • In order to try to clarify what some of the underlying factors may be and how improvement can be encouraged, it can be helpful to involve a psychologist in the assessment and possible intervention plan.
What do we specialise in?  
  • Dyslexia, psychology, psychological assessment, educational psychologist, child assessments, learning difficulties, developmental difficulties, legal reports, autism, dyspraxia, expert witness, giftedness, ADHD, early placing request, behavioural problems. Some conditions require onward referral to other specialists or to a multi disciplinary team.